Human security and Global governance

a2“Human security” is defined as the concept of security to protect the individual – rather than the state – as the primary referent. The United Nations’ definition of Human Security includes the seven dimensions of security: economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community, and political (The UNDP’s Human Development Report 1994). This definition integrates human development into a concept of security that addresses both “freedom from fear” and “freedom from want.” Human security is an “innovative” concept for security, responding to multi-dimensional (or “horizontal” such as military, economic, political) and multi-level (or “vertical” such as individual, state, and global) threats, which traditional security concepts cannot effectively address.

“Global governance” is to respond to transnational threats that a single country cannot respond to. These threats are by and large human security threats. Therefore, human security can be well understood in the context of global governance.

EDR is developing research and educational projects to contribute to the concept of human security and global governance, particularly for equality in economic/educational opportunity and international peace.