Educational Divide Reform (EDR) is a non-profit organization that aims to bridge language/cultural barriers and help people prosper in a rapidly globalizing society.

All too often otherwise able people are hindered from maximizing their academic or professional potential due to educational inequities. This inequity, sometimes stemming from language, culture, economic barriers among other causes, has led to stagnation and stunting of many communities. It is EDR’s mission to bring the most efficient ideas, methodology and resources to help people reach their utmost potential. With these principles and ideals firmly in mind the organization strives to create a global community where anyone can achieve their dreams without being inhibited by their background or lack of resources.


Dr. Mary Cazabon


• PhD, Applied Linguistics, Boston University
Adjunct Professor of Applied Linguistics, University of Massachusetts
• Director of Bilingual and English Language Acquisition Programs, Cambridge Public Schools
• Publication: The Miseducation of English Learners

Donaldo Macedo

Senior Advisor

• PhD, Applied Linguistics, Boston University
• Graduate Program Director of the Applied Linguistics Department, University of Massachusetts
Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Education, University of Massachusetts

Jay Jang

Managing Director

PhD (c), Global Governance and Human Security, University of Massachusetts
• MPA, Harvard University
• MBA, New York University
• Strategic Planner, Korea-U.S. Combined Forces Command
• Project Manager, Cambridge e-Learning Project


EDR has partnered with public school systems and other socially conscious organizations such as the University of Massachusetts Boston, the Academy at Harvard Square to help underperforming students/professionals of all ages and backgrounds. EDR seeks to create a spirit of cross cultural understanding to promote global peace and foster success.