Human Development

Human Development

Most people in today’s world feel insecure from worries about daily life than from the dread of a cataclysmic world event. Job security, income security, health security, environmental security, and security from crime – these are the concerns of human security all over the world.*

Human development is the key to addressing the growing challenges to human security.  Human development enables all individuals to enlarge their human capabilities to the full and to put those capabilities to their best use in all fields – economic, social, cultural and political. It can reduce poverty, increase productivity and employment, and promote social integration and environmental regeneration.*

At EDR, we also believe that economic betterment alone does not guarantee happiness. Economic development should enable individuals to improve the standard of life independently while maintaining human dignity. With these beliefs, EDR is committed to helping create a global community where anyone can achieve his or her dream and live in harmony by bridging gaps in educational opportunities, a key to human development.

Domestically, EDR designs and implements tutoring programs in collaboration with the governments of local districts where English Language Learners from underprivileged and/or immigrant families compose more than 40% of total student population. EDR also designs curriculums and implements educational programs for students from foreign universities and high schools so as to provide them with opportunities to develop their academic capabilities and experience social integration in global community.

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*An Agenda for the Social Summit, UNDP, 1994