In cooperation with partnering organizations consisting mainly of public and private educational institutions and organizations, EDR offers the Intercultural Education Program to both East Asian and American students around New England to help students develop a greater sense of global citizenship. Through their participation, East Asian students develop a greater appreciation for American values and culture while American students acquire a heightened intercultural awareness.


  • Individual Learning Goals and Objective: A customized curriculum (academic, artistic, and leadership-related) and various personal projects are given to each student along with a clear educational goal geared to his/her educational level, aptitude, needs, and future plans.
  • Acquisition of the American Study Method: Each student acquires skills in critical thinking and creativity through reading and discussion, and debate and writing.
  • English Proficiency Improvement: The program follows the same English language training model developed by and used at our main institute, the Academy at Harvard Square, and our R&D SEI (Spoken English Integrated Tasks) division.
  • Holistic Education: The program puts an emphasis on each student’s learning attitude, social skills, leadership, cultural refinement, public manners, and emotional development.
  • Integration of Boston Culture: The program incorporates Boston’s outstanding educational environment, human resources, and social structures into an individualized curriculum.

Program Contents

  • Day School Study: Full immersion at American schools offers the highest level of cultural and linguistic exposure. It also allows for a deep understanding of American society, education, and culture.
  • Harvard Mentoring: Educational counseling and leadership education by Harvard students
  • After-school Class: After-school English classes customized according to each student’s personal goals and academic level.
  • Community Service: Participation in volunteer services that benefit schools or local communities allows students to experience the essence of American spirit.
  • Sharing Asian Culture with American Children and Parents: Our public event for a town community revolves around a student presentation on Asian children’s culture given to American students and their parents and family. Through this event, Americans gain a better understanding of Asian culture and practices.
  • Weekend Activity: There are a variety of activities prepared every weekend to experience American spirit, culture and tradition: tours of prestigious colleges and conversation with attending students, volunteering, leadership education, visits to historical sites, exciting sightseeing in Boston and NY city among many more activities.