Global Citizenship

Global Citizenship

All societies make systematic efforts in citizenship education in order to nurture good citizens who will enjoy their privileges as citizens while respecting the privileges of other citizens and performing their duties as citizens as well.

The world in which we live today is rapidly becoming a global village, and citizenship education is also required for the citizens of this global village. They would first need to understand their world – its history, current status and future direction. Then they would need to grasp the key social values, laws and regulations, systems and institutions. They would also need to learn to respect one another and how to communicate effectively.

Most importantly, through global citizenship education, people will find out about the privileges as citizens and the personal, economic opportunities with which they can achieve their dreams and pursue happiness. At the same time, global citizenship education should teach people about the obligations to maintain social order. A good global citizen would be able to independently know the obligation to avoid pursuing one’s goals to the detriment of the global society as a whole.

In this line, global citizenship education is an integral component of both human security and human development. The focus of global citizenship education is not only on moral concept but also on helping people recognize privileges and opportunities for individual success.

EDR is committed to helping create a global community where anyone can achieve his or her dream and live in harmony through global citizenship education. EDR has developed a roadmap for global citizenship education. First, EDR has developed curriculums for global citizenship education including academic courses, campus speakers/events, travel experience, community service, study abroad, volunteering and extracurricular spheres. Second, EDR designed a six-month teach-the-teacher certificate program that award the participants global citizenship trainer status and builds worldwide professional and academic networks.

Third, EDR Research Center provides the conference and resources to stimulate the ideas and maintain the global citizenship education, develops strategic local, regional, national and international partnerships, creates a depository for publication or resources and develops indexes for measurements of results. Finally, EDR supports the delivery of global citizenship education in schools: it supports global citizenship education project development at primary and secondary schools and higher educational institutions; supports curriculum design for global citizenship education in schools; and designs overseas study programs of global citizenship education in collaboration with international organizations and national governments.

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