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Leadership & Advisors

Mary T. Cazabón, EdD ► President and Director, EDR

Dr. Cazabón’s unique perspective in reducing educational inequality and social barriers in immigrant communities has been woven into EDR’s mission. As the president of EDR, Dr. Cazabón plays a vital role in defining the vision and long-term goals of the organization, closely collaborating with the managing director. With her academic and professional experience in bilingual and English language education, Dr. Cazabón leads steers the overall design of EDR curricula and programs including public school teacher-training, professional development, and global citizenship education.

Dr. Cazabón has experience in the design and inception of innovative research-based programs for English Learners, the evaluation of longitudinal field initiated research, proposal writing, and grant management. With her experience, she has bolstered educational reform efforts by addressing the needs of underserved student populations (race, national origin). She has authored curriculum and policy documents, and acts as a national resource on the education of English Learners.  She also directed the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI) Field Initiated Research Grant on Educational Reform of English Language Learners in Cambridge, MA. She actively served as an expert witness on issues dealing with culturally and linguistically diverse students.

Dr. Cazabón has also served as a senior research associate at WestEd, and as project evaluator and instructor for Applied Linguistics at UMass Boston. As a researcher, Dr. Cazabón has conducted numerous program evaluations and studies on student sociocultural preferences using sociometric measures. She is also a contributing author to What Two-way Bilingual Programmes Real About the Controversy Surrounding Race and Intelligence in the International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism (1998).

Dr. Cazabón received an EdD in Urban Schools from the University of Massachusetts Boston and a MA in Education in Applied Linguistics and English as a Second Language from UMass Boston. She completed a BA in French Language and Literature from Boston University.

Other publications: 

Cazabón, M. (2014). A district’s response to the passage of Question 2 in Massachusetts.  In G. P. Mcfield (Ed.), The miseducation of English learners: A tale of three states and lessons to be learned, Charlotte, NC: IAP – Information Age Publishing.

Cazabón, M. and Perez-Selles, M (2013). Evaluation of the San Juan School’s Dual Language Program. Woburn, MA: Learning Innovations at WestEd.

Cazabón, M. (2013) Evaluation of the Dual Language Programs in Highline Public Schools in WA. Woburn, MA: Learning Innovations at WestEd.

Sánchez, M., Cazabón, M., & Schamberg, M. (2012). Evaluation of the Unidos Program: Somerville, MA Public Schools’ Spanish-English Dual Language Program. Education Development Center, Inc.

Perez-Selles, M. , Cazabón, M. & Mello, D. (2011). Needs Assessment Report: Sheltered English Immersion (SEI) Category Trainings.  Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (MA DESE). Woburn, MA: Learning Innovations at WestEd.

Jin Seop Jang, PhDc ► Managing Director, EDR

Jay (Jinseop) Jang has conducted research on areas of International Security and Peace, National Security, Human Security, Intercultural Leadership Education, Educational Equality, and Social Enterprise.  He currently consults on human security for national and international security in East Asia, and focuses on the regional security governance of regulating interstate-armed conflicts. Some of his research includes regional security risks from North Korea as well as security tension between China and Japan.  His current work contributes to the research of integrating human security for institutionalizing international peace in East Asia.

As EDR managing director, his role covers organizational development and EDR project design. With his vision to integrate human security, education, and national security, his projects mainly focus on “global citizenship” education; such education includes educational programs of cross-cultural leadership and international peace, particularly for students from East Asia.

In the past, Mr. Jang served as a strategic planner at the ROK-US Combined Forces Command under US four-star General Tilelli. He focused his study on national security issues at Harvard University under the guidance of former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. Ashton Carter and former US Deputy Secretary of Defense Dr. John White.

Mr. Jang received a Master of Public Administration (MPA) in national security from Harvard University’s Kennedy School and MBA from New York University.  He is currently completing his doctoral degree focusing on research in the area of global governance and human security at the Department of Conflict Resolution, Global Governance, and Human Security at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies in the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Jonghyuk Ro, Esq ► Director, EDR

Mr. Ro advises on complying with federal and state laws pertaining to non-profit organizations. He also advises on EDR’s internal policies and program audits.

Interested in building win-win relationships, Mr. Ro has extensive experience in public and private sector in the areas of laws and regulations, strategic planning, government/corporate affairs, corporate communications and corporate social responsibilities. He served as Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Lee International IP & Law Group; Executive Director of Corporate and Regulatory Affairs at BAT Korea; Corporate Affairs Director at Microsoft Korea; Vice President for Planning at Asia Pacific Investment Corporation; Deputy Director at the Ministry of Information and Communication of Korea; and Legislative Aide to a Member of National Assembly of Korea.

Mr. Ro is a member of the District of Columbia Bar. He holds a LLM from Georgetown University Law Center, a MBA from New York University, and a BA in economics from Georgetown University.

Timothy Shaw ► Graduate Program Director, Dept of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, & Global Governance, UMass Boston

  • PhD, Princeton University
  • Graduate Program Director, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, & Global Governance, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Professor/Director, Institute of International Relations, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine in Trinidad
  • Emeritus Professor, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London
  • Professor, Mbarara and Stellenbosch Universities
  • Editor, Africa’s Challenge to International Relations Theory (2013), Comparative Regionalism for Development in the 21st Century: Insights from the Global South (2013) Diplomacies of Small States (2013), Africa & IR in the 21st Century (2012), and Rethinking Development: Challenges for Public Policy (2012)

Jane Parpart ► Board Member/ Co-Editor, Politics, Power and Gender Justice in the Anglophone Caribbean

  • PhD, Boston University
  • Faculty member, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security & Global Governance, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Board Member/ Co-Editor, Politics, Power and Gender Justice in the Anglophone Caribbean, IRDC-funded project with University of West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago
  • Co-editor, Rethinking the Man Question: Sex, Gender and Violence in International Relations (ZED Books, 2008)

Craig Murphy ► M. Margaret Ball Professor, International Relations, Wellesley College

  • PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • M. Margaret Ball Professor, International Relations, Wellesley College
  • Professor, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance, McCormack Graduate School, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Co-Director, Center for Governance and Sustainability, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Served as past president of the International Studies Association (2000–01)
  • Currently serves as consultant for the World Economic Forum’s Global Redesign Initiative and FUNDS (Future of the UN Development System) Project
  • Past-chair of the Academic Council on the UN System (2002–04)
  • Co-founding editor of the international public policy journal, Global Governance, recipient of 1966 American Association of Publishers Award

Donaldo Macedo ► Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts & Education, UMass Boston

  • PhD, EdD, Applied Psycholinguistics, Boston University
  • Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts & Education, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Contributing author to: Literacies of Power: What Americans Are Not Allowed to Know, 2nd edition. (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2005); Globalization of Racism, (Paradigm Publishers, 2005); The Hegemony of English (Paradigm Publishers, 2003); Noam Chomsky on Miseducation (Ed.) Boulder, Colorado: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2000.

Nam S. Lee ► DPhil in Management Studies, Saїd Business School, University of Oxford

  • DPhil in Management Studies, Saїd Business School, University of Oxford
  • MBA, Stern School of Business, New York University
  • Assistant Professor, Faculty of Strategy and International Business, College of Business & Economics, Chung Ang University, Seoul, Korea
  • Previously served as President & CEO, Taihan Textile Co., Ltd.
  • Served as senior manager at Renault/Nissan, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo branches and Samsung Group
  • Author of: The Dynamic Process of Cooperation between Renault and Samsung over Renault Samsung Motors: Can RSM Become Samsung Again, Journal of Product Research, 31(4), 67-88 (2013); and Finding a Business Opportunity in Declining Industry: The Case of D Textile Co., Ltd., Korea Business Review,17(3),185-206 (2013); and other works.

In-Kyu Park ► Senior Diplomat of the Republic of Korea having served as in Saudi Arabia and China

  • MPA Graduate School of Seoul National University
  • MPA, Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University
  • Visiting Fellow, Ash Center at the Harvard Kennedy School.
  • Senior Diplomat of the Republic of Korea having served as in Saudi Arabia and China
  • Previously served as Director-General of Policy Planning Division, Northeast Asian History Foundation, South Korea
  • Previously served as Director-General of the Bureau of International Cooperation,
  • Presidential Council on Nation Branding of the Office of the President
  • Foreign Ministry experience: Director of Inter-Korean Policy Division (04-05), Special Secretariat of Preparatory Office for APEC Summit (05-06), Director of Protocol in Prime Minister’s Office (06-07), and Senior Director of East Asian Trade Division (07-08).

Sungho Kim ► MPA, Harvard University

  • Director (former), Central Marketing Organization and Chief Privacy Officer, Microsoft (Korea)
  • Team Leader (former) of Marketing Group, Dell Computer
  • Team Leader (former) of Product Marketing, LG-IBM


The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) is nationally recognized as a model of excellence for urban public universities particularly for its distinguished faculty, education, and innovative research. It provides diverse and extensive resources to over 17,000 students. UMB has heavily supported EDR’s research initiatives.

The Academy at Harvard Square (TAHS) is the education hub of the JG Corporation (formerly HSA). Located in the academically prestigious area of Harvard Square, TAHS provides educational programs to international students, professionals, and public/private organizations. With over a decade of experience, TAHS designs programs that enable individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals through acquiring global mindset.

Andover Public Schools and Reading Public Schools are nationally recognized for providing students with the strong foundation necessary for students to succeed in a globalized and more diverse world. Both school districts have supported EDR programs by providing EDR its faculty, classroom and auditorium space, as well as educational know-how.

The Tae Kwon Do Education Foundation takes pride in the four educational purposes of Taekwondo including education of the mind, mentality, strength, and self-defense for young leaders. The Foundation has continued to bolster public school education by introducing the application of ancient concepts to current societal issues.