For undergraduate or graduate students from ‘Saeteomin’ (the North Korean refugee)

The Power of Hope program, hosted by EDR in partnership with The Academy at Harvard Square and the Korean Entrepreneurship Foundation (KEF), was designed to equip its participants with the entrepreneurial skills to engage with their ‘Saetomin’ community as globally competent professionals and community service leaders.

This year’s first cohort of selected participants were awarded with scholarships that covered a Pre-Departure Workshop of Entrepreneurship in Korea at KEF, Global Entrepreneurship Lectures/Workshops held in Boston, Massachusetts, along with other enriching opportunities that invoked professional and personal development.

As the ‘Saetomin’ community (North Korean defectors) continues to grow, it is vital to address the severe economic and social constraints that younger members of this demographic face under their uncertain circumstances.

Four applicants were selected as the first cohort of participants of this intensive four-week Initiative. After participants successfully complete the Pre-Departure Workshop of Entrepreneurship at the KEF, they traveled to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, where they developed and expanded their leadership skills through a series of Global Entrepreneurship lectures, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The courses covered Global Entrepreneurship Mind, Business English Communication, American Society: Democracy and Global Citizenship, Community Service Action Plan and Teaching Method, and Business Planning. Participants were exposed to professors of esteemed universities, such as Harvard University, Northeastern University, UMass, etc,. To complement these courses, participants were also able to travel to New York City, where they met with local CEOs, the Korean Ambassador to the UN, a UNDSS security analyst, and other North Korean defectors who are now successful.

Participants were then asked to create business plans that illustrated what they learned from these courses, in both business development and assessment of their individual interests, skills, passions, and dreams.

Upon completion of the program, participants presented their entrepreneurial projects to a professional panel, which gave them real-life feedback on their business ideas.


THE POWER OF HOPE PROGRAM aims to produce young leaders who will serve their societies as educators and messengers of hope. The ultimate goal is to produce role models of exemplary entrepreneurship and community service leadership for the ‘Saeteomin’ community. We understand that the young Saeteomin generation may face uncertainty in a new environment under severe economic and social constraints. After completing the global entrepreneurship program, these young individuals are expected to gain self-confidence, knowledge, and experience to acquire and pursue careers in and outside South Korea and, thus, achieve a better life. With having active supporters from both South Korea and the United States, this program will also foster people-to-people ties between two countries.


  • Business Start Up Plan
  • ‘Saeteomin’ Community Service Participation Plan
  • Increased English Proficiency
  • Increased Self-Confidence in Business Development
  • Improved Networking Ability in Global Society


GE101: Global Entrepreneurship Mind

This course includes the concept of entrepreneurial thinking; entrepreneurial process; new venture creation; social entrepreneurship; business planning; and students’ start-up case study


SL101: Business English Communication

This course covers speaking; listening; reading; and writing in international business setting. After taking this course, students will be able to give professional self-introductions for networking purposes, hold everyday conversations, and learn job interview skills. This course will expand students’ business development opportunities in global economy.


WS103: American Society, Democracy and Global Citizenship

This course will serve as a primer to essential knowledge of capitalistic, democratic societies and governmental services. The content includes American culture, history, government and civil society as well as American (but universal) values such as democracy, freedom, and human rights. This course will sometimes have special guests from important institutions such as Harvard University and U.S. governments or the United Nations (UN).


GS101: Community Service Action Plan and Teaching Methods

This workshop supports students who will help younger students of the Saeteomin community. The brief course covers the concept of curriculum and teaching methodology.


GE 201: Internship and Business Planning

This course will help to gain a direct experience of the actual business, preferably small business or start-ups in the Boston area. While assisting local entrepreneurs, students can gain practical advice from real business people and their customers to improve business planning.


Selected participants will have a scholarship which covers Pre-Departure Workshop of Entrepreneurship at Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation(KEF), Orientation, Global Entrepreneurship Lectures/Workshop, English Proficiency Test, English Self-Practice Material, Internship, Housing (Private Room), Field Trips, Airline Tickets, and Airport Ride.