The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB) is nationally recognized as a model of excellence for urban public universities particularly for its distinguished faculty, education, and innovative research. It provides diverse and extensive resources to over 17,000 students. UMB has heavily supported EDR’s research initiatives.

The Academy at Harvard Square (TAHS) is the education hub of the JG Corporation (formerly HSA). Located in the academically prestigious area of Harvard Square, TAHS provides educational programs to international students, professionals, and public/private organizations. With over a decade of experience, TAHS designs programs that enable individuals to achieve their academic and professional goals through acquiring global mindset.

Andover Public Schools and Reading Public Schools are nationally recognized for providing students with the strong foundation necessary for students to succeed in a globalized and more diverse world. Both school districts have supported EDR programs by providing EDR its faculty, classroom and auditorium space, as well as educational know-how.

The Tae Kwon Do Education Foundation takes pride in the four educational purposes of Taekwondo including education of the mind, mentality, strength, and self-defense for young leaders. The Foundation has continued to bolster public school education by introducing the application of ancient concepts to current societal issues.