“Bridging Generations With Heroes of the Forgotten War,” an event to commemorate the American servicemen and women of the Korean War was held in Andover West Middle School on February 6, 2015. The purpose of this event was to ignite the minds of globally-minded young leaders by honoring American servicemen and women of the Korean War. Young Korean leaders presented hand-written appreciation letters to all of the servicemen and women. To read them, please click here.

Hosted in collaboration with Korean War Veteran’s Association (KWVA), Educational Divide Reform (EDR), and Andover Public Schools, “Bridging Generations” was an event that highlights the shared history between the United States and Korea, and reminds us of the principles of civil liberty and freedom our democracies value so highly.

Program Background

The Andover Public School  system hosted 27 Korean students for one month. While in the United States, students were fully immersed in the American culture and engaged with American classmates. This program allowed both American and Korean students to experience each other’s cultures, share educational similarities and differences, and make long-lasting friendships.

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