2019 My Village & Global Dream

Vision & Values

We bring high-potential students from high schools in remote villages of South Korea to drive students towards their future dreams through global citizenship education. We help build their self-confidence so they can develop leadership contributing to their community and society.  

Program Goals & Objectives

  1. Develop a Global Mind
  2. Cultivate a Vision for  Personal Growth
  3. Build Self-Confidence in Global Study
  4. Increase Social Awareness

Curriculum Design Concept

  • Enable students to find his/her personal vision by providing educational resources in the Boston area, including Harvard and MIT- the power of imagination
  • Help students follow their personal growth paths by learning from Harvard/MIT-educated mentors and teachers
  • Facilitate students to acquire intercultural compatibility through an immersion in American culture & society; introducing them to American High Schools and families.
  • Focus on academic and character development which is critical for students’ college studies.
  • Cultivate students’ sense of social responsibility through community services and their “My Village Development” project.