2017 Step Up_ Becoming a Freshman

From July-August 2017 as part of the Step Up Program, EDR held a summer program for the selected students from the Boston Adult Technical Academy. This year, program participants were originally from Haiti and Kenya and came to the program to improve their English language skills. Program classes were held twice a week and covered the following topics: “How academic writing differs from writing in high school”; “How to be confident when speaking in public”; “Writing an email to a Professor”; “Public Speaking”; and “Applied Math and Science”. The participants of the program noted that they came to the program to improve their English hoping to enroll into colleges to pursue their career dreams and help their communities. Program participants of this year are primarily interested in pursuing their careers in the area of human services (for example, nursing and psychology).

The program provided the participants with a chance to visit Chandrasekar lab/MIT Kavli Institute/Applied Physics and Astrophysics on August 8, 2017. The students also had the option to enroll in personalized tutoring sessions on Saturdays. Tutorials aimed at addressing the gaps in existing knowledge and improving mastery of English skills. Sessions were planned to emphasize more practical applications of English, as well as an in-depth look at some topics in Science and Writing.

The Step Up Program is designed to aid the immigrant, low-income, mainly first-generation student population planning for higher education after gradua­tion (vocational schools, universities, or colleges).

The program aims to help students with the following:

– Learning the English language

– Focused subject matter studies including successful completion of more advanced high school courses

– Admissions applications, professional interviews and internships

– Boosting self-confidence and developing self-discipline.