EDR Director Presented at 2015 ISA Annual Convention in New Orleans

EDR Director Jay Jinseop Jang was invited to the 2015 Annual Convention of the prestigious International Studies Association (ISA) held in New Orleans in February 2015 and presented his paper on Human Security and International Security.

ISA Annual Convention 2015, New Orleans

The Panel Slot

SA10, 08:15~10:00 am, February 21st, 2015, Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel.

Paper Title

The Impact of Human Security on National Security: Northeast Asian States’ Policies to Control Security Risks from North Korea


Human security has been discussed for the international society to recognize a “responsibility to protect” individuals in fragile or self-perpetuating states. In Northeast Asia where the state regimes are generally strong, human security is often considered to discuss non-traditional security or “soft security” threats such as epidemic, transnational crime, and natural disaster. This perception appears to keep human security distant from ‘main stream’ national security or “hard security.” Geopolitical rivalry and strong nationalism rooted in the long history of inter-state conflicts have strengthened this perception by national security communities in China, Japan, and South Korea. As a result, the regional security tension of Northeast Asia has been escalated. This paper argues that the concept of human security, if reinterpreted as human-centric national security, is more acceptable to national security policy frameworks for strong states to control traditional interstate security risks, too. This paper reviews national security policies of the three nations for 1994-2014 to control risks from North Korea, which are one of the main sources of ‘traditional’ interstate security threats to the region. This research implies that human security, if reinterpreted, can effectively improve national security through regional cooperation to control security risks from North Korea.