2014 Boston Science Seminar

Boston Science SeminarEDR successfully organized 2014 Boston Science Seminar for two week from Oct 20th to 30th for 99 young minds of the prestigious Korea Science Academy of KAIST. These 11th grade students divided into three groups and took classes in mathematics, environmental science, green chemistry, biology, biochemistry and biophysics specially designed for them in three tracks on rigorous daily schedule.

The objectives of the program were: 1) understand the original meaning of science, or the search for truth, through a direct experience of an American science education approach and methodology; 2) gain an accurate understanding of American academic culture and tradition rooted in the worlds’ best universities in Boston; 3) develop self-confidence required to foster their global leadership potential and widen their career opportunities related to science; and 4) study better o improve their intellectual power through directly engaging with students of world-renowned universities such as Harvard, MIT, UMass Boston, Tufts, and Boston College.